Carretera Austral

Carretera Austral

Wilderness in its most breathtaking and dramatic form. View on Google maps

Chile’s iconic gravel road stretches 124 miles past the fjords, mountains and glaciers of Northern Patagonia. Driving or cycling through this vast and untamed expanse of Protected Wilderness practically uninhabited by humans, you’ll find nature in its most unspoiled state. Kayak through fjords to otherwise inaccessible parts of the Pumalín nature reserve, hike past Cerro Castillo’s striking jagged peaks, or make the most of perfect fly-fishing conditions in Futaleufú River.

"The Carretera Austral is the wildest part of Chile, and also my favourite. I went twice in two months, and my second visit astonished me even more than my first. We went trekking on the Exploradores Glacier – one of the most daring things I've ever done. It was really tough but I felt so proud to have achieved it. Even my three year old still remembers the sound of pieces of glacier breaking and falling into the lake!"

Maria Luisa Pries
Glove Travel Designer

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Hand-selected properties:

Borde Baker has a unique location, perched right on the Baker River – seen perfectly through the huge floor-to-ceiling windows in the lofty main living room. All the rooms and hotel’s premises are made with native wood and blend perfectly with the beautiful environment. Each small villa room has its own woodstove and is connected to the main premises through wooden walkways, leaving you feeling like you have your own Patagonian hideaway.
Lodge Chacabuco
Chacabuco Lodge is the most sophisticated lodge in the area. Located in the middle of an incredibly remote estancia with an incredible focus (it is likely that herds of stray guanacos pass by), it arrives at an elegant and comfortable house: think of local stone, chimneys and detailed carpentry.
The six rooms are beautifully decorated and all have a unique and cozy charm.
Imagine resting tired limbs in the central living room sinking into their huge sofas next to a roaring fire with a good Chilean wine in hand.