Easter island

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Standing atop the edge of a volcanic crater and seeing the curvature of the earth, it’s not hard to believe that no other landmass in the world is as remote as Easter Island. Surrounded on all side by thousands of miles of empty Pacific Ocean, Easter Island is a treasure trove of over 600 extraordinary ancient stone Moai sculptures carved by the indigenous Rapa Nui people, whose extraordinarily unique culture thrived in isolation for over a millennium.

"I moved to Chile under the condition that we could visit Easter Island – it was still three years before I went with my husband! We went with our best friends, visiting from Spain, and it turned out to be a completely unforgettable journey, full of stories and anecdotes. We spent days eating tuna cooked in every way possible, and we were lucky enough to see some of the traditional Rapa Nui dances in the Tapati festival. Unforgettable!"

Maria Luisa Pries
Glove Travel Designer

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Hand-selected properties:

Explora Rapa Nui
Designed with the sole objective of being absolutely amazing, Explora’s trump card is its world-class excursions - native Rapa Nui guides will take you around coastal caves and inlets in tiny fishing boats, and if you get a nibble it’s red snapper on the menu for dinner. Or perhaps a trek past the Moai statues and along coastal ridges for panoramic views of the island and an impromptu gourmet picnic. And the hotel alone is enough reason to take the flight – tucked away all by itself on one side.
La Perouse
Originally a family home on the sandy shores of Easter Island, La Perouse is perfectly located on the beachfront, a few steps from the local meeting place of the city of Hanga Roa. The private bungalows, tastefully restored, are located directly on the bay, with a beautiful terrace for sunbathing while the sun sets over the Pacific. With breakfast served in a basket and a maid service if necessary, this is a delightfully relaxed island option.
On the island, with each room offering spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean, Explora is secluded, exotic and downright fabulous.