We curate tailor-made journeys in Chile, Argentina, Uruguay & Antarctica. An international team living in our chosen destinations, designing adventures for the inquisitive, savvy traveller, willing to share their unique perspective on this corner of the world. Every trip is designed from scratch, we don’t copy-paste. Travelling is more than just hopping on a plane, switching time zones, being in a new destination. We grant insider access like no one else does. We are passionate travellers, curious souls, detail lovers, natural hosts. We love what we do.

Each trip is the fulfillment of a dream.
Dare to travel differently. Glove Travel. All the way.

Unplug. Ditch the wifi. Stress-reduce.

Connect with the locals, be present.

Open your heart to making true travel stories.

Life is an adventure to be savored at every moment.

Love nature. Leave no trace.

Relax. Be spontaneous.



Meet the Team

Insider access, outsider perspective.
An international team living in our chosen destinations.
Each person is unique. Your perfect trip reflects this.

Where we are.

We are where you are. We are in your timezone.
We are online 24/7. We’ll take you all the way.
A few moments with ‘Mechu’, Glove’s co-founder, and you’ll soon feel at ease. Originally from Buenos Aires, she lived for many years in Santiago before returning to her home city where she lives with her husband and three children. The original Glove multitasker, she doesn’t bat an eyelid to trekking through the jungle with two kids at her side and one strapped to her back. The best landscapes in Chile for her are along the Carretera Austral and she loves the way that in a single day in Patagonia you can go from a tropical jungle climate to tundra to rainforest and back again.
Mercedes García Torres.
Glove captain, Ivan, is an unequalled whirlwind of contagious energy who is always challenging us to go further as a team. A master traveller, Ivan has lived and worked in Argentina, Spain, Brazil, the United States and Chile. Born in Buenos Aires, as soon as Ivan finished school, he packed his rucksack and set off backpacking around Europe. Those early experiences of travel and the ability to push yourself helped shape what Glove Travel is today. In the words of Iván, “Travelling is what keeps me curious....it always and without exception shapes my view and perception of the world.”
Iván Costa.
Katy is the original and very first Englishwoman on our team and is one of the best travelled members of our team. Years ago, while living in Barcelona Katy heard about Chile, and having never been before she made the gutsy decision to move across the world – and the rest is history. She loves dreaming about new destinations, the excitement of planning, that moment when you finally disconnect and start enjoying the adventure, and of course looking back on photos that take you back to those special moments. Katy is a world-class mum, friend, travel professional, and all-round incredible human being.
Katy Chester.
Our finance whizz, Yanina, is the calm in the storm. She always maintains her cool under pressure and her dry sense of humor brings lots of laughter to the office. Originally from Buenos Aires, she has settled in Santiago with her husband, daughter and Boston Terrier, Mambo, who is a constant companion and can often be found occupying one of the Glove office chairs for his afternoon siesta. Yanina views travel as an experience that invites us to transform, evolve, & grow.
Yanina Cugota.
Agus is Glove’s very own Wonder Woman. She is creative, quick, joyful, a Grade-A multitasker, a great friend, a dedicated mum. Her previous experience at LAN airlines prepared her well for life at Glove. Agus trusts in the saying that if you smile at life, life will smile back at you. Each time she travels she learns, uncovers more wonders of the world and of herself. To Agustina, to travel is to experience pure joy.
Agustina Camps.
Jose is a true find for any team. Dedicated, focused and wise, she is our in-house ski specialist and every winter can be found on the slopes of Bariloche. Jose trained as a lawyer but life had other plans and she luckily landed with us at Glove. Josefina can’t imagine life without photography & travel, which she manages to merge in her life and work. Travel gives Josefina freedom, knowledge and perspective. She simply couldn’t imagine life without it.
Josefina Endler.
Meet Delfina, our in-house artist from Buenos Aires famous for her spur-of-the-moment trips to far off corners of the world. When she’s not travelling, she will be creating artwork using acrylic, varnish, and tar. Over the years Delfi has shown herself to be an excellent on-the-spot problem solver and one of those much needed ‘yes’ people that are vital for any team. In the words of Delfina, travel provides moments of pure happiness that invite us to press pause on our routines and enjoy the unexpected.
Delfina Lagos.
A polyglot, a dreamer, curious by nature and an optimist from birth. Passionate about other cultures, travelling was one of Guiomar’s most cherished pastimes when growing up. Seven years ago, the stars aligned in Chile when Guiomar came to Glove and was able to blend her work and passion perfectly. She loves direct contact with clients, meeting them personally and learning what makes them tick. It’s a team effort: planning and getting excited together about their future journey. Making sure each client gets the most out of their trip, creating memories that will connect them with the past, present, and future.
Guiomar Alvarez.
Sophie is the person we admire for her nonstop energy. One of Glove’s most cultured souls; piano, vinyls, theatre and literature are just a few of her passions. Sophie is the person we consult when we need recommendations about the best restaurant openings, gallery exhibitions, boutique clothing stores. Her lust for life has made her an invaluable font of knowledge. To Sophie, travel not only opens our minds, but also opens a window to understanding ourselves a little bit better each time.
Sophie Samaran.
Samanta lives by the motto that the simple things in life are the ones that truly matter. She is a force of nature; straight to the point, unfussy, organized, and a devoted mum. Sami believes that travel is the adventure of exploring new destinations whilst rediscovering ourselves at the same time.
Samanta Henke.
Since Lore joined the team she has become a linchpin, providing constant support and going above and beyond to make our lives a bit easier by organizing us and our internal procedures. She is authentic, on the ball, quick to laugh. In her free time playing piano gets her expressive juices flowing and she’s also an avid reader and writer. Travel to Lore is an experience that has allowed her to discover different worlds and realities.
Lorena Vidal.
Barbie brings an infectious energy wherever she goes. It’s only fitting that our resident sports specialist lives for field hockey and is a die-hard rugby fan. Barbie studied tourism in Buenos Aires and is a natural problem-solver which comes in handy in this job! Barbie views each trip as an adventure to explore and expand her horizons.
Bárbara Ureta Saenz Peña.
Some people just vibrate at a higher frequency and Dani is one of those people. She studied sociology at college and then went on to study a Masters degree in Social and Public Policy in the UK. Dani is one of those silent heroes who gets the job done before you even knew it needed doing. Not to mention, her attention to detail is second to none. She is also our go-to-girl if we need our spirits lifting with her sing-song Mexican accent and positive spirit. What draws her to travel? The authentic connection with the people she meets.
Daniela Puente Mayagoitia.
Riti, our Head of Triple Impact is the driving force behind positive change at Glove. With a passion for sustainability, she leads the charge in aligning us with eco-friendly and socially responsible practices to minimise our environmental footprint. She is knowledgeable and forward thinking and when not at work, is mum to two little dynamos, Silvestre and Alfonso. For her, travelling feels like being the lead in a movie: stunning landscapes, interesting characters, and a different life perspective.
Rita Achával.
Diego is an expert traveller with over 20 years of experience in the tourism industry. His favourite destination in Chile is Torres del Paine in the springtime. He loves football and is a devoted supporter of his local team, Colo Colo. In his free time, he loves to be home with his family, spending time with his sons Maximo and Enzo, watching movies, playing video games, and eating pizza and sopaipillas.
Diego Morales.
Silvia has a degree in Tourism and Economics. She’s always had a passion for travel and discovering hidden gems. As a travel designer, she loves sharing that passion with others and always goes above and beyond to create wonderful, meaningful experiences to turn travel dreams into reality. Silvia enjoys combining her love of nature and photography; she has an incredible eye for capturing beautiful moments. In her free time, she can be found playing tennis and faustball with her family. She is also a numbers genius and loves all things percentages and probabilities.
Silvia Mónico.
Committed, creative, empathetic, and proactive are just a few words to describe Pia. Passionate about the arts, she studied photography in New York and did her culinary internship in the Côte d'Azur in the south of France before joining the team at Glove. She’s also a talented painter and loves painting watercolours and acrylics. What inspires Pia about travel? The way it connects us with others and broadens our minds.
Pia Jaque.
Helena is a creative mind, addicted to nature and discovering the road less travelled. She fills every spare opportunity she has with hiking, biking, and exploring the great outdoors. She’s also an avid photographer, landscape lover, and content creator. Her ultimate dream has always been to live for travel. Now as a travel designer she has the chance to share her passion and create exciting experiences for others.
Helena Redondo.
Born and raised in Sydney, Australia, Monique now calls Chile home. She has travelled widely across six continents, meeting some incredible people along the way, including her Chilean husband she crossed paths with in Tanzania back in 2017. She’s a huge lover of the great outdoors, especially when she can explore it on horseback. She delights in the simple things like a good coffee or a walk with her dogs.
Monique Galluzzo.
Born and raised in Buenos Aires, Mili is an essential part of the operations team at Glove, always keeping us organised. Mili is a sports fanatic. She loves to keep active and plays both tennis and football. She’s also into extreme sports like surfing and skiing, even better if she can enjoy them on her travels. She lives in a rugby club, so can be found most weekends watching rugby matches with her friends and family. What’s next on her travel bucket list? The Atacama Desert, and Patagonia.
Milagros García Maggi.
Originally from Santiago, Sofia spent most of her childhood surrounded by the sea and rolling hills of Cachagua, one of Chile’s most beautiful beaches. Sofia studied administration in tourism and hospitality, through which she discovered her passion for travel. Now she is a vital member of our finance team. Sofia describes herself as an animal lover with an infinite love for animals and nature. What she loves most about travel is the emotion it evokes from knowing new places and living new experiences.
Sofia Rojas.
Maria finds happiness in the small things. One of her favourite places is along the Rio Negro in Neuquen, Argentina where she loves to go camping and spend tranquil moments surrounded by nature. She’s passionate about sports, especially field hockey and tennis. Maria is an excel whiz and part of the finance team at Glove, who works tirelessly to improve internal processes and procedures.
Maria Bertotto.
Kind and outgoing, Pachu is another of our travel designers with a degree in Tourism and Hotel Management. She has lived and worked in luxury hotels in Bariloche for the last five years, and is particularly drawn to the southern part of Chile and Argentina’s Lake District and Patagonia. Pachu is a fan of tourism, not only in terms of discovering and knowing new destinations and their wonders but also being able to learn about the culture of our clients who in her words "come from different parts of the world to visit us, leaving their mark." Aside from travel, she loves sports, is a fan of skiing and being in the mountains, and is an avid tennis player.
Maria Paz Angarami Samaria.
A professional pastry chef with a degree in tourism, Coni is an active and social butterfly. She treasures the deep connections she makes with new people in new places and prefers slow travel, to stay immersed in one place for a longer period to connect with the people and culture. Coni is an avid diver and feels her best when surrounded by the ocean, mountains, and tropics. Patagonia is one of her favourite all-year-round destinations, as no matter the season, she finds there are endless opportunities to discover there.
Constanza Rickert.
Lula was born and raised in Buenos Aires. She thanks her family for her passion for travel and learning about new cultures. Lula knew from an early age she wanted to work in the tourism industry. She is particularly interested in sustainable tourism, and continues learning and discovering new ways of practicing it at Glove. Apart from travelling she loves hockey, and learning language- she speaks Spanish, English, a little German, and Portuguese. At Glove, she makes our lives easier by providing constant support as an operations executive, always going the extra mile to assist in all areas.
Lourdes Tomada.
Iñaki grew up outside of Buenos Aires and works in the finance department of ​​Glove. He enjoys keeping active and social, being surrounded by friends as well as walks with his dog in the outdoors. He says that while all the places he has visited in Argentina hold magic, his favourites are Bariloche, both in winter and in summer, and the Ibera Wetlands for its spectacular flora and fauna.
Iñaki Igarreta.
Tere studied tourism and hotel management in Switzerland. She’s been fortunate to travel extensively and has lived abroad in Europe, the United States, and the Caribbean before returning to Buenos Aires. Now she enjoys sharing her passion and knowledge for travel with like-minded, curious travellers, as well as travelling with her children and showing them the world.
Maria Teresa Pourteau.
Lucas is our dedicated ski specialist with in-depth local knowledge and a genuine passion for all things Ski. He has been part of the ski industry for the last 15 years and has 26 winter's worth of teaching experience. He’s worked in the French and Italian Alps, Aspen, Deer Valley, Whistler, Mammoth, and the Yellowstone Club. He spends the Southern Hemisphere winters between Cerro Catedral, in Bariloche where he lives, and Portillo in Chile. Patagonia is his favourite place, with the long winters, the backcountry skiing during the spring, and the breathtaking landscapes.
Lucas Malaret.
Meet Fede, our CFO with a knack for numbers and a passion for adventure. Originally from La Plata, he lived for several years in the captivating Tierra del Fuego, before returning to Buenos Aires where he studied and completed an MBA. Throughout his career, Fede has amassed a wealth of experience in the accounting and finance realm. From energy and public services to real estate, construction, and IT, he's navigated through various sectors, honing his expertise along the way. In his downtime, he's always up for a game of soccer and is an avid sailor.
Federico Pellejero.
Cris, our head of product, is practical and always ready to tackle challenges head-on. His problem-solving skills and resourcefulness make him a valuable addition to the team. A master mixologist, Cris has perfected the art of crafting the perfect Pisco Sour. One destination that holds a special place in Cris' heart is Valparaiso, which he believes is Chile’s most beautiful and magical city. The colourful streets, vibrant culture, and breathtaking views never cease to amaze him. For Cris, one of the greatest joys of travelling is immersing in a destination's culture through the exploration of its culinary treasures. When in Chile, he recommends trying Mote con Huesillos, a traditional Chilean drink made from peaches and husked wheat. 
Cristobal Yañez Altamirano.
Cristi is a passionate individual deeply in love with life. Born in Venezuela, Cristi studied international business in France where she lived for 13 years, and is now part of the operations team at Glove in Santiago. One thing you'll immediately notice about Cristi is her infectious energy and joie de vivre. She has a deep love for theatre and music, and is a talented dancer that shares her passion with others, teaching salsa, bachata, merengue, and Afro-Caribbean rhythms. Beyond her artistic pursuits, Cristi is an advocate for politics, justice, diplomacy, and human rights. Iguazú is a destination that holds a special place in her heart, and she is eager to explore the breathtaking landscapes of Chile. 
Cristina Colmenares Lopez.
Meet Jo, part of our operations team, and a mother of three boys with a passion for exploration and a genuine curiosity about the world. Jo finds pure joy in walking and going on hikes as a means to stay in motion and connect with nature. She is fascinated by landscapes, whether it is the desert, the mountains, or the sea, she believes each holds its own unique magic waiting to be explored and enjoyed. For Jo, travel is an opportunity to connect with people from different corners of the globe. She recognises that the true beauty of a destination lies not only in its landscapes but in the stories and experiences of the people who call it home. 
Josefina Pereyra Moine .
Meet Angie, an adventurous soul with a deep passion for animals and travel. Angie's wanderlust has taken her far and wide, from living in Australia and Spain to venturing through Asia and Europe, enriching her with unforgettable experiences and a deep appreciation for the diversity that exists in our world. Although Angie has explored various countries across the globe, within her backyard she has a special fondness for southern Argentina, particularly San Martin de los Andes and Bariloche. She finds bliss in activities that allow her to immerse herself in the beauty of nature, particularly horseback riding through breathtaking landscapes and soaking up the positive energy that nature provides. Angie is a part of our operations team in Buenos Aires.
Angeles Delor.
Popi has a background in tourism and a passion for exploration. As a travel designer, she brings her expertise and enthusiasm to create exceptional travel experiences. When it comes to travel, her heart belongs to nature. She says that exploring breathtaking landscapes, breathing in fresh air, and being immersed in the wonders of nature have a way of calming our minds and recharging our energy. Besides travel, Popi loves sports, especially when it involves playing as part of a team. Another of Glove’s supermums, Popi lives in Malaga with her husband and four young children where she balances the triumphs and challenges of motherhood alongside professional growth.
Florencia Masferrer (Popi).
Meet Marina, part of our operations team in Buenos Aires. Originally from Patagonia, she has embraced Buenos Aires as her second home and considers herself a true Porteña. One of Marina’s favourite pastimes is dancing tango. For her, tango is more than just a hobby—it's a profound emotional experience. Marina also enjoys exploring Buenos Aires by bicycle to discover its diverse corners and hidden gems. One of her favourite destinations in Argentina is the Northwest. Marina cherishes quality time with loved ones, whether it's sharing mate or a delicious meal. When it comes to travel, it's not just the breathtaking landscapes that fascinate her, but also the chance to connect with the locals and immerse herself in the rich traditions, to truly experience the essence of a destination.
Marina Panebianco.
Since the age of 17, Manu has been deeply involved in the tourism industry, driven by his passion for nature and adventure. His infectious energy and genuine desire to help others make him a true asset to the team. Throughout his career, Manu has had the privilege of working in various areas within the tourism industry from transportation and guiding to sales, operations, and finances. Beyond his professional accomplishments, Manu dedicates his free time to pursue his two great passions: cycling and karate. He is happily married and the proud father of two boys, Facundo and Nicolas.
Manuel Bastidas.