+Glove was born from a desire to discover more

A creative solution for those wanting to travel further afield in Latin America.
The leads for this project are Guiomar & Sophie, who have travelled thousands of km between them, getting to know the entire region for themselves. They will be your travel partners, and most likely, will become good friends for life.

+Glove is about expanding frontiers, discovering new destinations that become imprinted in our memories. How much of Latin America do you know? Do you want to discover more?

Meet our hosts.


A polyglot, a dreamer, curious by nature and an optimist from birth. Passionate about other cultures, traveling was one of Guiomar’s most cherished pastimes when growing up. She loves direct contact with clients, meeting them personally and learning what makes them tick. It’s a team effort: planning and getting excited together about their future journey. Making sure each client gets the most out of their trip, creating memories that will connect them with the past, present, and future.


Sophie, the spontaneous one, is most admired for her nonstop energy. One of Glove’s most avid artistic souls: piano, vinyls, theatre, literature - a few of her passions. To Sophie, travel not only opens our minds, but is also like opening a secret window to understanding ourselves a little bit better, with each trip.