Our Footprints.

Designing travel experiences that inspire a better world.

Everyday actions matter.

& Foundations.

We are a proud certified B Corporation. It's an independent global stamp of approval and a pledge to be a responsible business. Being B Corp means that we are continually striving to do things better for our team, the planet and the people on it, and to use travel as a force for good in the world. We are also proud to be members of The Long Run community where we are inspired by the best representatives of sustainable tourism. Additionally, we collaborate with The Legacy Fund which is dedicated to conservation projects and community development initiatives.

Positive Impact in
Local Communities.

We aspire to become agents of change towards a sustainable environment, with a renewed triple impact perspective. Supporting local providers, and sustainable endeavors. Working with locally-based guides and encouraging experiences with indigenous communities. We foster responsible tourism with an emphasis on cultural heritage and local traditions.

Ethics &

First and foremost, we are people. Therefore, at Glove our team always comes first. We prioritize ethics and transparency in all our commercial relationships, within and outside of the company. Integrity, excellence, teamwork and trust, are values we pursue in our everyday actions. We support diversity, inclusivity, cooperation, union, tenderness, and the well-being of all our team.

Zero Carbon Footprint &
Environmental Protection.

We’ve calculated our company's carbon footprint and plan to offset it by funding reforestation and renewable energy projects. All itineraries will be carbon neutral by December 2022. A goal we work on tirelessly each day to achieve. Our Glove family is developing recycling protocols, as well as training our suppliers in sustainable practices. We are in the process of becoming a plastic-free company, letting the experts show us the way.

How can
your trip make
an impact?


We make sure that you will have a plastic-free trip by using recyclable, non-plastic materials and providing reusable options instead of single-use plastic.

Environmentally-Conscious Travel.

Chile and Argentina are rich in natural beauty that are worthy of protecting. Participate and learn more about this with local nature-expert guides, environmentalists, and conservationists.


All of your amenities are ethically sourced from local providers and communities.

Experiences That
Give Back.

Make more than just memories, make a positive impact through local environmental projects such as reforestation efforts, or engage with the local community.


Offset your carbon footprint through travel with renewable energy and reforestation projects.


Through sustainable travel, you support local guides which in result economically and socially empowers local communities.


By connecting with the local culture and people, you will help transform travel into a meaningful agent for change.